Monday, June 22, 2009

27 out of 27

What did you learn?
How has 27 Things changed my behavior? I'm not afraid to post online, although it still takes a bit to get me to interact with others. I'm using Delicious to track bookmarks. I'm exploring the new SPL site more. And, I'm listening to podcasts every day.

What did you like?
I liked having structure with numbered tasks, expectations, and incentive for completion. And, I liked having it self-paced, with the freedom to explore as in-depth as necessary.

What was missing?
  • Emphasis on socializing. Twitter should have been one of the early tasks so that people could get used to it and benefit with direct connection with other participants, instead of waiting for occasional comments.
  • Require comments on other's blogs. For me, the hurdle isn't navigating around the Web and learning about products and services, it's interacting with other people and offering part of myself. But, I love to follow the rules. Commenting on two other blogs every week would have helped make sure that I interact, instead of just staying within my comfort zone and lurking. (I read everything, I drafted several comments, but I think I was only successful in posting 2 or 3 comments--even though I knew it would be good for me.
  • Tighten the focus of the tasks. Part of 2.0 isn't just learning what products are out there--there will always be new ones--but learning what possibilities exist and finding avenues to use so that you're alerted when new things come up.
    I estimate that each Thing took me about 3 hours (read the task, explore the discovery resources in-depth, mull over the results, formulate a 'take' on the issue, post to the blog). With several tasks a week, many times the only reason I didn't fall behind is because I was already familiar with some of the content. This type of time commitment might not be possible for others.
  • Update Discovery Resource links. For some of the Things, there were articles and information dated from 2 years ago. In at least one case, the material was from 5 years ago. It's more than just the date though, the content was no longer relevant. It would have been better to leave it out, or write some new content (even three sentences) to take its place.
Should we do this again?
Yes, this was great! I would also love to subscribe to a feed, or Twitter, or blog that would provide a tip, or discovery resource, or interesting link each week.



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